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8.Jan.2008 23:47
From: Виктор
To: All
Да, мы не слыхали, как поют дрозды! …простите – «Жуки»!!   Послушали и долго смеялись…   Thanks for the Info!  
5.Jan.2008 12:47
From: Tim
Washington, DC
To: All
Very interesting. Thanks.

They don’t specifically mention the more modern rechargeable NiMH batteries (no lithium), so I would presume that they’re OK. The problem I can foresee is that the AA’s that we typically use in our consumer cameras look nearly identical to the older rechargeable Lithium batteries; I wonder if the security scanning machines can discern the difference. I just checked a couple of NiMH batteries in my office and while they do say “NiMH”, it is in extremely fine print.