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27.Apr.2008 21:26
From: Леонид
To: All
На прошлой неделе наше travel-агенство прислало сообщение, что практически удваивается "неустойка" за изменение ранее оформленного авиа-маршрута:

Airlines raise flight change fees

Travelers and those support staff who make travel reservations should know that due to the rising cost of oil and other factors, airlines are raising the fees charged when a traveler modify’s their flight itinerary after it has been booked. These changes took effect over the past week.

Change fees formerly were usually $100, but they are increases substantially, sometimes doubling. When making airline reservations, please exercise caution to Avoid unnecessary and costly changes:
United and Continental domestic change fee rise from $100 to $150.
United and Lufthansa international flight change fees (European flights) are now $250.